Main courses
Side dishes

Nachspeisen Teller / Dessert Medley (for 2-3pax)

The best of Brotzeit®’s desserts, featuring our homemade apple strudel, warm chocolate cake, fruits, homemade crepes and ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Eispalatschinke / Homemade crepe

Topped with a scoop of ice cream, fruits, drizzled with chocolate sauce

Eiskaffee / Bavarian Ice Coffee served with Almonds

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso and whipped cream

Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel

Apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream

Schokokuchen / Chocolate cake

Warm chocolate cake served with Stracciatella ice cream

Gemischtes Eis / Mixed Ice Ccream Topped with Almonds

Please check with our staff for the available flavours

Kaiserschmarren / Emperor’s Cake

Shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce

Spätzle / Homemade Buttered Spätzle

Kartoffelhappen / Spicy Potato Wedges

Pommes / Fries

Bratkartoffeln / Roasted Potatoes

Kartoffelpüree / Mashed Potatoes

Sauerkraut / Braised White German Cabbage

Serviettenknödel / Napkin Dumplings

Schwenkgemüse / Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

Kartoffelsalat / Potato Salad

Rotkraut / Red Cabbage

Schweinsbraten / Roasted pork

Roasted Pork served with napkin dumplings and braised white cabbage, served with dark beer sauce

Rindsbackerl / Braised Beef Cheeks

Fresh beef cheeks, slow braised in beef stock, served with mashed potatoes and red cabbage

Holzhackersteak / Lumberjack Steak

Char-grilled rib-eye steak on caramelized onions, served with mushroom sauce and buttered Spätzle

Kabeljau / Pan-fried Codfish

Pan-fried codfish fillet, served with pesto sauce, vine-ripened tomatoes, sautéed spinach with sun-dried tomatoes, baked potato and bacon

Bayerische Honigripperl / Bavarian Pork Ribs

Served with sides of potato salad and sauerkraut

Cordon Bleu

Breaded escalope of pork stuffed with fine leg ham and melted cheese

Lachs / Salmon Fillet

Salmon fillet on sauteed spinach and balsamic glace served with parsley potatoes

Naturschnitzel vom Huhn / Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breasts on mashed potatoes served with mixed salad drizzled with balsamic glace and sour cream

Schweinemedaillons / Pork Medallions

Grilled pork fillet medallions wrapped in smoked bacon served with fries and sautéed mixed vegetables

Käsespätzle / Cheese Spätzle

Bavarian homemade Spatzle with assorted melted cheeses and crisp onion rings

Wiener Schnitzel / Veal Escalope

Breaded escalope of veal served with potato salad, apricot and cranberry sauce

Tafelspitz / Boiled Beef

Slow boiled beef with German roasted potatoes, creamed spinach and apple horseradish sauce

Kalbsrahmgulasch / Veal Goulash

Traditional braised veal shank “Goulash” in paprika sauce with buttered spätzle

Schupfnudeln / Bavarian Potato Dumpling and Spinach

Finger shaped potato dumplings served with fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, German hard cheese shavings and balsamic glace.

Schweinshaxn / Pork Knuckle

Crispy, oven roasted hind shank of grain fed pork, served with potato salad, sauerkraut and homemade gravy on the side

Gebackenes / Fried Platter

Best of our crispy items including prawns, fish fillets, chicken fillets and potato wedges

Brettljause / Cold Cut Platter

Leg ham, chicken ham, belly bacon, Paprika Lyoner, Bierbeisser sausages,gherkins, eggs, mild greenpeppers, cheese spread, Emmentaler cheese, vine ripened tomatoes and bacon spread served with a selection of German breads.

Würstelplatte / Sausage Platter (for 2 pax)

Authentic sausage platter with spicy chicken sausages, Nürnberger sausages, pork cheese sausages, Weisswurst, pork garlic sausage and sauerkraut.

Brotzeitplatte mit Ripperl / Brotzeit® Platter with Ribs

Oven roasted Pork Knuckle, best of our sausages, pork ribs and two side dishes of your choice

Brotzeitplatte / Brotzeit® Platter (Serves 4)

Oven roasted Pork Knuckle, best of our sausages, pork schnitzels and two side dishes of your choice.

Bockwurst / Smoked Pork Sausages

Smoked fine pork sausages with potato salad and sauerkraut

Currywurst / Pork Curry Sausage

Pork curry sausage with chilli-curry sauce and potato wedges

Knoblauchwurst / Garlic Pork Sausages

Smoked pork garlic sausages with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut

Käsekrainer/ Pork Cheese Sausages

Smoked pork cheese sausages with potato salad and sauerkraut

Hühnerwurst / Spicy Chicken Sausages

Spicy chicken sausages with potato salad and sauerkraut.

Weisswurst / Pork and Veal Sausages

Traditional Bavarian pork and veal sausages served with a pretzel

Nürnberger / Grilled Pork Sausages

Pork bratwurst sausages with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut

Fladen Vegetarisch / Vegetarian Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled zucchini, olives, semi-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

Fladen Spinat / Spinach Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, feta cheese, vine ripened tomatces, onions, garlic and mushrooms

Fladen Huhn / Chicken Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy chicken sausages, olives and mushrooms

Fladen Bayrische / Bavarian Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, leg ham, mild green peppers, red bell peppers, onions and mushrooms

Fladen Salami / Salami Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, onions and red bell peppers

Fladen Speck / Bacon Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, onions, vine ripened tomatoes and chilli

Gartensalat / Garden Salad

Mixed salad with vine ripened tomatoes, potato salad, carrots, boiled eggs, sweet corn and cucumbers tossed with house dressing.

Meeresfrüchtesalat / Seafood Salad

Mixed salad with smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing

Mozzarella Salat / Mozzarella Salad

Mixed salad with mozzarella cheese, vine ripened and semi-dried tomatoes, grilled zucchini, olives, pesto sauce and garlic croutons tossed with house dressing

Salat mit Wurst / Cold Cuts Salad

Mixed salad with cold cuts, Emmentaler cheese, red bell peppers, tomatoes, boiled eggs, onions and sour cream tossed with house dressing.

Salat mit Schafskäse / Feta Salad

Mixed salad with feta cheese, red bell peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, onions, olives, garlic croutons and sour cream tossed with house dressing

Backhendlsalat / Crispy Chicken Salad

Mixed salad with cripsy chicken fillet, potato salad, semi-dried tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers and pumpkin seed oil tossed with house dressing

Brotkorb / Basket of selected German breads

Backfisch / Mini Fish Fillets

Garnelen / Breaded Prawns

Hühnerbrust / Breaded Chicken Fillets

Camembert / Breaded Camembert with Cranberry Sauce

Brezn / Typical Bavarian pretzel

Obatzda / Cheese Spread

Griebenschmalz / Bacon Spread

Rustic Bavarian spread made out of crunchy bacon, apples and onions served with a selection of German breads. (Great for sharing)

Käsekrainer/ Pork Cheese Sausages

Smoked pork cheese sausages

Best of Brotzeit

Leg ham, belly bacon, Emmentaler cheese, red bell peppers, boiled eggs, pickles, cocktail onions, tomatoes and crème cheese.

Gulaschsuppe / Goulash Soup

Spicy beef goulash soup

Wiener Suppentopf / Beef Soup

Beef broth with vegetable, beef cubes and vermicelli noodles

Frittatensuppe / Beef Consommé

Broth with sliced savory crepes

Kaspressknödelsuppe / Onion Soup

Onion soup with cheese dumpling

Tagessuppe / Soup Of The Day

Please check with our staff for our Soup Of The Day